Circle and Conference Facilitation

Circle Facilitation – Our facilitators offer restorative circles to members of our community who are facing conflict or who wish to positively change the dynamic between themselves and others. These services can dramatically improve the dymanic of people who work together in organizations like businesses or schools. They are also a proven method of keeping young people in the school system. You can learn about our three year program at Armstrong High School here.

Reentry Circle Facilitation – Reentry conferences are designed to ease the transition from detention, jail, or prison back into the community. Participants can be anyone who has a vested interest in an individual’s reentry. You can see a sample reentry circle from Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth here.

Community Conference Facilitation – Community conferences are an effective means of addressing community wide conflict or trauma. These conferences should include members of the community who are particularly impacted, or who are struggling to come to terms with what they have experienced. Community conferences can address present day conflicts or instances in which present day occurrences reflect historical traumas.

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