Mosby Court

Mosby Court Restorative Circle Program

AUJ provides Restorative Circle processes for residents in Mosby Court, an RRHA public housing community in the east end of Richmond. Participation in this program is voluntary. This is how the program works:

Restorative Circles provide the opportunity for adults and/or youth and persons affected by a conflict to:

  • Meet in a safe environment with a trained facilitator to talk about the conflict, how they were affected, and the harm that was caused
  • Decide what is necessary to resolve the harm and its consequences
  • Reflect the agreement reached by the participants in a written agreement

Mosby Court residents and staff may initiate a Restorative Circle when an event occurs that causes harm or conflict in the community by contacting the Mosby Court Resident Services Coordinator at 804-780-3436, or email

What Happens Next:

  1. A facilitator contacts the person who initiated the circle and others affected to schedule individual meetings.
  2. A facilitator meets with each participant to:
  • Explain the process;
  • Clarify expectations;
  • Answer questions.
  1. A facilitator leads the circle process and assists the participants to:
  • Talk about the conflict
  • Understand the harm and its consequences
  • Complete a written agreement that reflects the resolution the participants agree upon
  • Set a follow-up circle meeting to review the success and if other action is needed.

Everyone who participates will be heard during the circle process.

Why Participate:

  • When the participants successfully resolve their conflict, they may avoid police involvement.
  • Those who have caused harm and those who have been harmed come together to address the harm in a new way.
  • New skills for addressing conflicts are learned in the circle process.
  • The program promotes safe, supportive family and community participation.
  • Circles often reduce recidivism and, long term, reduce the cradle-to-prison pipeline.
  • Circle processes restore relationships and build community.

Restorative Circle Facilitators are provided by the Alliance for Unitive Justice. Current students and graduates of Restorative Justice at Virginia Union University, and others trained by AUJ, also serve as co-facilitators.

Learn More:

If you have questions about the Mosby Court Restorative Circles Program, please email us at