Restorative Youth Services of Virginia

The Alliance for Unitive Justice is presently building its capacity to offer restorative justice services to Roanoke, Virginia schools and juvenile courts, trading as Restorative Youth Services of Virginia. The mission of RYSOV is to provide youth who are approximately 21 years of age or younger with restorative justice services, including innovative, cooperative, and restorative ways to resolve differences, transform relationships and build community. RYSOV’s primary goals are to:

  • provide restorative justice services to schools, juvenile courts, detention centers and other organizations and agencies that serve youth
  • train facilitators, staff and volunteers to provide quality restorative services;
  • educate the community about restorative justice, its uses and its benefits, especially as it applies to youth
  • work collaboratively with other organizations and individuals to make restorative justice a more widely used practice
  • and to foster policies that enhance opportunities for restorative justice to be implemented.

You can learn more about the school-to-prison pipeline in this short video by Brave New Films: