Performing Statistics continues their work with fall advocacy events throughout Virginia

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, September 2, 6-9pm
ART 180’s ATLAS Gallery

Help us organize the October parade from the General Assembly and our fall school tour. RSVP Here. Note that there are two organizing meetings scheduled. You only need to attend one.

Friday, September 4, 6-9pm
ART 180’s ATLAS Gallery

The Performing Statistics exhibition officially opens at ART 180’s youth art gallery, ATLAS. Join us to support the teens and create your own posters and stencils for the October parade. ATLAS is located at 114 W. Marshall St. More info here

Tuesday, September 15, 6:30-8 p.m 
ART 180, Atlas, 114 W Marshall St, Richmond, VA

Join us for an organizational meeting for the Performing Statistics parade. Our first step is making sure we can get as many people organized for the October 2nd Justice Parade as possible! Come learn how, meet other local artists, educators, and activists, and help us envision a more safe, equitable, and just world for us all.

WHY JOIN?: Because there are over ten thousand youth locked up each year in VA. Because we spend over $135,000 to incarcerate one teen for one year, while spending only $11,000 to educate them. Because 40% of youth locked up are between 8 and 14 years old. Because 70% of incarcerated youth are re-arrested after 3 years. Let’s say it together…PRISONS DON’T WORK!

These youth are the future of our world and we all need to work together to reinvest in our communities, keep our families together, and stop supporting punitive systems that are expensive, unsafe, and don’t work!

Find out more information about the Justice Parade here.

Wednesday, September 30, Northern Virginia
Performing Statistics travels to Northern Virginia for Legal Aid Justice Center’s “Do Justice” event featuring Bryan Stevenson. More info here

Friday, October 2, 6-9pm
VA General Assembly
Join Performing Statistics and a large coalition of individuals and organizations as we parade from the General Assembly building to ART 180’s youth art gallery, ATLAS, in solidarity of the voices of incarcerated youth calling for juvenile justice reform. Details TBD. Plan to gather somewhere on Broad St. near the General Assembly building with a press conference potentially kicking everything off at 5:45pm and parade beginning at 6pm.

Find out more here.

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