Sylvia Clute will be teaching a Restorative Justice course at VCU, summer 2015

For anyone in the Richmond area who is interested, one of our founding members, Sylvia Clute, will be teaching a course in Restorative Justice this summer through VCU’s Department of Education. Sylvia has been working closely with Dr. Bill Muth to develop a class that would meet the needs of a wide range of people interested in education, social justice, public policy, and youth advocacy.

Full details below:

TEDU 651: “Investigations & Trends in Teaching: Restorative Justice in Education”

This course will be taught by the renowned social activist, Sylvia Clute. It meets on Mondays and Thursdays from noon – 4pm from June 22 – July 23, 2015, in Oliver Hall, room 3064.

For those interested in social justice, alternative approaches to school discipline, conflict resolution, reconciliation, counseling and juvenile justice — this course may be just the elective you’ve been waiting for. This is a foundational course designed to introduce educators to restorative justice as a model of classroom management and discipline to be used as an alternative to punitive or “zero tolerance” models. It provides a critical awareness of the significant differences between the traditional punitive model of justice/discipline and various models of restorative justice, including differences in their impact on school and classroom management, student performance and school culture. How restorative justice is presently being implemented in diverse school districts in Virginia will be examined. The course will include theory and skill-building, with an opportunity for a vision of restorative justice in the school setting to emerge.

Contact VCU’s records and registration to sign up!

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